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Plantation Programs

Plantation Personal Trainers

Buddy Program

One personal trainer, two clients — train with a buddy and $AVE! The Buddy Program is a money savings program and a small group session all wrapped into one where 2 people share the cost of a personal trainer, get quality exercise sessions and save money in the process. It's a complete workout where you and a friend, family member or co-worker help inspire and motivate each other to continue to stay healthy while being on a budget.

Our Buddy Program offers small group training where Certified Personal Trainers can alter the Circuit to suit your individual needs.

Plantation Personal Trainers

Weight Training Program

Incorporating weight training into your regular exercise program can help burn unwanted fat pounds for many reasons. There is a misconception that women who exercise with weights get bulky and lose their sex appeal. While this may happen, the conditions in which this may occur are rare. Weight training will help you with your metabolism. A regular weight training program can take some effort but will make you feel better in a very little time. No matter what your age, weight training will fuel a lasting lifestyle and add longevity and functionality to your life.

Our Free Weight Area for strength training can help you tone and shape your body. Beginning a regular weight training program can take some effort. But, no matter what your age, weight training will fuel a lasting lifestyle and add longevity and functionality to your life. Read more about our Weight Training!

For cardiovascular training we have a complete cardio section with treadmills, elliptical fitness cross trainer and a recumbent fitness cycle.

All of the workouts at Fitness Partners come with a complete nutritional consultation. The nutritional plan starts with a 6 week cleansing program and continues with weekly diet logs. Weston Fitness Partners' main goal is for our clients to reach their goals safely and effectively in the shortest length of time as possible.

Our professional, Certified Personal Trainers will help you create a program specifically tailored to meet your needs, your goals and your busy schedule.

We know you're busy taking care of family and work, make sure you take some time to take care of yourself. We can help! Call us today!

Plantation Personal Trainers

Tennis Fitness Training Program

A well-designed tennis strength training program can work wonders for your game... Long gone are the days when coaches believed all forms of strength training were detrimental to sports demanding finely-tuned skills.While the wrong type of weight training CAN be a hindrance to your game, follow simple guidelines and the benefits can be immense. Find out more!

Plantation Personal Trainers

Golf Fitness Training Program

Why is strength training for golfers at every level of the game? In short... Done properly it will increase you ability to generate power (longer shots) and just as importantly - it will help to counteract the imbalances that are inherent with swinging a club the same way thousands of times each year.

Plantation Personal Trainers

Boot Camp Training Program

As the name suggest, force your body to get in shape with an amazing kick-start program!

Plantation Personal Trainers

Circuit Training

If you prefer going solo but just need some guidance, then Ciruit Tarining is the program of choice. Ciruit Tarining is Fitness with a plan, get stronger , leaner and just feel better about yourself We help you start the plan and you finish the plan

Personal Training Price Sheet

Gold Rate- $329 mo. 3x per Wk.

Sliver Rate- $350.00 for 10 sessions

Buddy Rate- $240 mo. Per person 3x per Wk.

Bronze Rate- $50 mo. Self-training

Monthly rates due at 1stof the month or prorated expires in 30 days. Per session rate expires in 90 days.

More Information

There are no Cancellations, missed sessions can be rescheduled or they will be lost. This applies to personal training only.

We use the 10/30/20 program for all the personal training sessions. (10 min warm-up /30 min weights/20 min cool down).

All packages include Fitness Evaluations, sessions by appointment only.

All monthly Programs are based on working out 3or 2days a week due at the 1st of each month partial months will be prorated
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